Sunday, 17 February 2013

By the numbers.

This week has been one of little hobby action. I have taken to being on-line a bit more and when that runs out of interesting things, I dig out my Sudoku and put numbers into grids. I think that part of my indifference has come from starting up the Frothers sculpting comp and drafting rules. There have been a few e-mails pinging back and forth and I have been contacting people about judging and theme direction. It has been a bit of a distraction... but I guess it is all about getting the competition up and running so it is a good thing (I hope).

The FoD UNDoD is also ticking along. So far there have been lots of theme suggestions and there has definitely been a bit more interest than the last one (so far). Hopefully, this will transfer into lots of dioramas but we shall see. The first theme polls will start soon.

Yesterday was taken up with 'Operation kitty-fetch'. A five hour round trip to Somerset means that we now have our latest family member, Charmmy:

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 She is much smaller than The Pog was at her age and she toddles around with a lot less certainty than he did.  She is a little cutey and has a little spirit but she needs to get some extra food in her and get to the vets for her worm/flea treatment (she is 580grams!!!... we are not sure about whether we can put the treatment on/in her so we will let her be for a week or so before she goes to the vet, has her jabs and hopefully gets flea/worm treatment at the same time). We have been combing her and the present count is 47 fleas... not a good start but our other cats are properly treated so they should be OK and their treatment will kill any fleas in their bedding too. Once she is treated, we will sort the carpet etc out. My daughter is well chuffed with her new baby... as you can probably tell:

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So... what's on the table? Well, I received an e-mail from someone that led to E-Bay and a seller that I have been looking for for a long time (now saved). I looked through the shop and was reminded of some Dwarfs I had bought a while ago... so they are now on the table getting some paint. I also have the last Silent Spectre miniature, the Clankers and two mechs... so I haven't stopped altogether; I've just slowed down a bit. 

Here's the dwarfs (prior to assembly and paint):

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Maybe once I stop being soppy about losing The Pog I'll snap out of it and get back to painting/sculpting at my usual rate again. I hope so because I'd rather be doing that than being so miserable.

That is about it for today...

See you from the place of tiny-clawed, spiky terror!!!


Simon Q said...

Charmmy looks very sweet, will she keep the blue eyes?

Inso said...

I don't think so... I hope she does though :)