Sunday, 24 February 2013

Back to the usual chaos.

This week has been an interesting one. There was plenty going on at work, we have a little kitten making herself at home, I've started a little bit of sculpting again and I've managed to get a little bit of painting in too.

There was also an instance of almost falling asleep at my desk so that evening I took some meds (prescribed by my doctor) and had to have the following day off work because, to be frank, I was feeling a little bit too mellow and was laughing at things that weren't as funny as I would normally find them. Once I Landed, I finished off some painting and ended up with these:

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They are Space Dwarfs from Velard Miniatures and can only be found on E-Bay now (Mrs Velard, if you would like to search). These ones are resin and were very clean casts with little clean-up. I thought I'd give them a little bit of a pulp feel rather than the usual military look. I think it works.

It seems that I am going through a subconscious clearance of the shelf... I am just painting random things. I have put the last Clanker unit away for now and have shuffled things around in 'the cupboard' so that I can fit everything in. One of the side effects of this is noticing things that have been hidden away... like Judge Grymn and their transport vehicles... Urban walkers, Pods, GZG Mechs, Beetle-bots... the list goes on and they are all assembled, ready to be attacked with a brush.

So... I got up early today to take my son to work and when I returned home was treated to an hour or so of next door's puppy screeching. I will put up with it for a few more days because it is settling in but after that I will be getting all military. While I was distracted by the puppy, I dug out one of my gifts (I have been gifted some wonderful things by many hobbyists out there who must think to themselves..."I know just the man who'd like that"... people who I've never met but show generosity that I am humbled by) and started to work on it. It is a vehicle from GZG's range of 25mm vehicles (long OOP but in the process of being resurrected by Daemonscape) and will make an excellent vehicle for my newly painted Velard Dwarfs. The thing is that I have to convert it into an exploration vehicle so it is at the very first stages of having some bulk adding to it... there will be pix once I have built the body to an acceptable WIP status.

Sculpting has been slow but getting there. I have bulked out an armature and have started to add muscle groups for my Thor commission. I have also been sculpting something random... but I will be showing no WIP pics of it. I don't want to spoil it's entrance.

In other news, I sold a squad of my old, second edition, Space Marines and I thought..."while I have the army out, I may as well sell the lot" so that is what I am doing. If you want to take a look I have linked to three forums: LAF, Frothers and FoD. You may (or may not) need to be a member of the forums to see the pix. Hopefully, you'll see them on one of the sites. If you are interested... get in quick... they are going fast :).

An example:

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Well... that is about it for now.

See you from the back of the Jub-Jub bird!

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