Friday, 28 December 2012

So... what now?

Christmas has come and gone and the new year is fast approaching so it must be time to think of the future and the various plans and projects that are likely to be attempted in the new year. As I've already mentioned before, my only Christmas holiday project is to assemble the last remaining Clanker unit for my Tunnel Fighters and I plan to do that next week... here is the unit, ready to go:

Click the Pic!

That will take me over the new year divide and then I plan to do a bunch of stuff for 2013:
  • Finish the Grymn Tunnel Fighter army (two vehicles and three Clanker units)
  • Complete the various superhero bits and bobs I have floating around
  • Sculpt a couple of commissions (not too many though)
  • Continue with my Grymn Urban Army
  • Begin my HF Grymn walker platoon (14 walkers will be purchased this year)
  • Continue my Beetlebot army
  • Continue my Dark Forgefathers army (including the Land-Carrier... it's BIG )
  • Other stuff that crops up along the way
Now it seems a lot and it is unlikely that I will get very much of it done apart from the top one (as that is one thing I really want to finish, including the varnish and storing in cases) but all things start with a thought so I am, as always, hopeful.

I know that I will get distracted, have a muse failure somewhere along the way and I also think I am due a detachment for a few months at some point this year but I am confident that some of the list will get looked at.

I am certainly not setting resolutions... I don't need them. What I need is a shortlist of things to try to focus on rather than the vast sprawl of projects I could be doing.

Then of course... there is the new 1/48th scale Merlin Mk3 that Airfix are releasing in February to think about...

See you from the wall!

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