Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's all starting to get crazy!

It is getting to that time of year where I can't go shopping for fear of going postal on all the people who insist on walking at you because they have their Christmas blinkers on. That means that I have to occupy my time in other ways so this weekend has been one of painting and cleaning up stuff.

First on the agenda were my Visitors and I managed to finish off the Mekon's unit:

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Once they were finished, I started cleaning up the next vehicle for my Tunnel Fighter army; the ambulance but didn't get very far so I decided to look for something else to do and didn't have to look far because these were on my painting table... so I painted them:

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Not the best pictures... but these are the first two of the five Crossover Miniatures I got as part of a Kickstarter I joined. I am not sure... but there may be more to follow.

In other news... Henry the kitten decided to go walkabouts this week and gave us all a case of nerves... but he came back and it was only when I looked him straight in the eye, I realised where the problem was:

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Can you see the problem? No? You mean you haven't noticed? Yes... he is a Hitler cat! Oh the shame! 

Last week, as you know, I dyed my daughter's hair. Well it didn't go down too well at school so this week, she looks like this:

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Some teachers should lighten up a bit... but I guess there are standards and there are no other people at the school who dye their hair (he said sarcastically). 

Well... what is next? I guess this:

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It is single shot and Henry loves chasing the darts. It also makes a handy distraction for him when he is doing things he shouldn't be... as long as I don't shoot at him of course! Even if I did, it is perfectly harmless so the odd one doesn't upset him.

Christmas is coming. Only a few weeks left. I have an extra long holiday this year so I should have plenty of time to get all of my chores done and crack on with a few projects. I plan on getting my travelling done before the event so that I can have time to chill out and get rid of all the tiredness that has built up over the last few months.

I guess that is about it for today. What will be next, who knows? 

See you from the top of the Blackpool Tower!

1 comment:

Mr Teufel said...

Your painting is pretty good! It especially shows on the supers, where you have done well with the muscle definition.

I'm imagining your Visitors twirling those battons like a marching band! :D

Hitler-cat cat says,"get that camera out of my face! Do you want the Mossad to see?"

Schools at least strive to be bastions of conformity. Sad, really.