Sunday, 16 December 2012

A busy Sunday.

It has been a busy day today. I was awake long before the alarm and went for a Mc Donalds breakfast on the way to get a news paper. The news paper was needed as an indicator of when I started my Unofficial Diorama of Doom entry.

The diorama in question has been my job for the day but I have also been painting Mantic Forgefathers while I was waiting... but I don't have any pix to show off yet... so I'll crack on with the diorama.

First thing this morning, this was the starting pic:

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All of the miniatures in the starting pic were brand new and hadn't seen a file or clippers and the CD was one from an old box of data-discs. Once I had taken the starting pic, I got to work with some plasticard, first covering the entire CD and then adding two layers of thicker plasticard to give the appearance of channels. A small stepping stone was made from a 20mm plastic base capped of with a disc of plasticard and a table was built from yet more of the stuff. The column was made from four plastic bases, the barrel of a pen, some plastic tubes and a disc of plasticard:

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I left the column off the base for now and glued the table down. I decided that I needed to trial fit the miniatures on the base so I assembled them and put them on the base. It quickly became apparent that there wasn't enough room for all of the Hellmites so I left two off:

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Once I was happy with all of the positioning, I began the green-stuff process. I filled the gaps in the column and contoured some of the surfaces before adding detail to the edges of the raised 'platform' areas of the base and the stepping stone:

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Next it was time to fill in the gaps on the miniatures and add the little details (like the spilled guts of the Hellmite and the one with quarrels sticking out of it). The column was correctly positioned and glued into place before a grapple and rope was fashioned from brass wire. Finally, skeletons for the food were stuck to the table so that when it came to sculpting the items, I had something to push against:

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Finally, everything was finished. The food was sculpted and the Hellmites had their pins glued in place. All of the miniatures were attached to a priming stand and all of the position pins on the base were fitted (not all pictured - they are just bits of brass wire that fill the holes the miniatures will be attached to so that they don't get clogged with paint):

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I started the day with the hope that I would have everything ready for painting on Monday... and I succeeded so I am happy. Tomorrow I will prime everything and decide on colours. I think you will agree that today has been most productive.

See you from the hobby table!

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