Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday again

Well after an interesting week I have finally reached the end... it is Sunday, after all. This week saw the completion of the cyclist which was a massive weight off my shoulders and the accompanying leaving party was a good night too. With that all over and done with, I have been free to focus my attention on the other commission... and I have made a great deal of progress towards finishing the 'space cowboy' but I am unable to show pix of it just yet (until I have posted it and been given permission to show it off). As you may have realised, it has been the time-sink for my hobby time BUT putty needs to dry so I have also been working on  my Visitor walkers:

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The walker on the left is called 'Blade' and is finished apart from the base. The walker on the right has been washed and has had his legs re-coated but still has a fair way to go. I think I will finish painting both of them before basing them at the same time. It is nice to be able to think that the first wave of Visitors is nearly finished.

In other news, I have bought a couple of miniatures from Hasslefree Miniatures and am waiting for a bid on E-Bay to do its work... I doubt if I will win but I live in hope.

Well... the only thing left to share is a gratuitous kitten pic:

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Henry likes to sleep on his back and didn't take kindly to the camera flash.

See you from the car-park at the back of the last chance motel!

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