Saturday, 20 October 2012

Savings all over the place!

If you are after some miniatures at the moment, then you could do worse than try Heresy Miniatures because they are having a 20% off everything sale at the moment.

If Heresy doesn't float your boat then why not try Fenris Games? If you input the code 'PRICEUP' you will be able to get 20% off their miniatures and other stuff too.

In other news, Tengu Models are now back on line with a new layout to their shop. Prices have risen slightly but they still represent good value so are well worth a look (it also means that I can order more greys soon).

I am really in the mood to buy a few Grymn but the Hasslefree Miniatures site is in the process of swapping to a new server so I can't at the moment... but they will be mine... oh yes... they will be mine (and a dog in powered armour). Oh, and Hasslefree have some new releases so keep an eye on the store.

Miniature Heroes is quite a nice place to buy stuff. There is a mix of second hand and new items and it is the perfect place to buy Reaper Miniatures in the US because they order them direct, sort out all the import costs and send the miniatures to you when they arrive. There is also a Forum to peruse and it is a very civil place.

Now that the cyclist has been finished I have re-directed my focus onto my final sculpting commission and have been busy working on it today. In between sculpting, I have been washing the two Eldar Dreadnoughts for the Visitor force... so things are ticking along.

There will be more news tomorrow so stay tuned.

See you from the steering platform!


Stephen said...

Don't forget the Maelstrom sales - I'll get my coat...

Inso said...

Maelstrom has never been one of my haunts so I wouldn't have listed it... even before all the 'troubles'.