Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday and the visitors have arrived.

I have had a pretty relaxed weekend and quickly decided that I wanted to get something finished rather than continuing with the production line of converting Visitors so in between going out and the Para-Olympics I finished these off:

Click the Pic!

Obviously, the walker isn't finished and I haven't based the Visitors but I am happy with the way they look so far. In fact, I am so taken with these little miniatures that I will be buying a lot more and will have some leaders in hover-chairs with an honour guard. I am also considering an open-cabin cockpit for the war-walker that I have in my collection... but I need to get some of the dreadnoughts finished first.

Over the last few days, I have had to get camping stuff for my daughter and try to get overalls for my son. That meant going to Oxford and Aylesbury for shopping trips. Whilst in Oxford, I popped into Boswells and happened across a box of old GW paints. That meant I could collect enough Necron Abyss to ensure that I could paint all of the walkers. I have decided that I will start to buy the Coat d'Arms paints as the colours run out now... it is just a case of making the jump.

I have also been slaving over the paint stripper pot and have been diligently cleaning copious layers of paint from various E-bay victories... namely dreadnoughts and Eldar. Most of the paint was removed with Dettol but I have had to resort to Nitromors for the more stubborn paint and glue/putty. All is progressing nicely.

Here is a gratuitous Kitten Montage:

Click the Pic!

Henry is completely bonkers and is starting to be accepted by at least one of the bigger cats we have (Fred). The other one (Moggy) is a miserable, self absorbed, mean-spirited and old cat who would rather sit in the kitchen on the door mat than be in the same room as Henry... more fool her.

So... the Visitors are progressing, the ideas are flowing (Eldar Heavy Weapon mounts for hover chairs) and I actually have something that I've painted recently... win-win.

See you from the bank of the Ganges!


Rovanite said...

That walker is pretty cool. It goes well with the aliens (painted nicely by the way!)

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