Friday, 31 August 2012

The Visitors are massing!

It's all going 'bootiful' on the Visitor front because I have now finished fixing the twenty little guys to bases and have also covered each of their tiny toes up:

Click the Pic!

You can see that the front row has also started to get some plates added to their chests. I will be adding boot tops and gauntlet cuffs as well as finishing off all the chest/back plates by joining them together. It is taking a little longer than I would have hoped because they are very tiny and I am in constant fear of dropping them. The colour scheme I am going to go for will be dark blue clothing, red boots/gloves/plates and very pale green skin (the red plates will separate the blue uniform from the green skin). The dreadnoughts will be all blue with some red script on the carapace of each head.

Ticking along, as they say.

See you from the loading area!


Simon Quinton said...

Cool look forward to seeing more on these. Will they be getting weapons?

Inso said...

No weapons... just a bit of suggested clothing.

I will rely on the walkers to have the weapons, the little guys will be psychic and will be able to zap things and put up shields.