Sunday, 20 May 2012

Plans made... and ignored!

So... the fickle hand of my obsession has changed my plans again.

I have been sculpting and have made good progress:

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In the above picture you can see a 'Gizzit' for a work colleague that will eventually be a bloke stood holding a shotgun, wearing plus-fours and having the face of the afore-mentioned colleague. Then you have the start of a space-cowboy commission that I am doing. He is a cartoon character so don't worry too much about the proportions... he has a big head and over-sized hands and feet. Next up is the Tunnel Fighter mystic who is based on an OGrymn model. He has been in a half-finished state for a very long time and I have decided that he'll join the others on the sculpting table. At the moment, I am just tidying things up and finishing the details before embarking on the coat. Finally, we have Beast. He is going to be joining the super-soldier team when he is finished....

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So... yesterday I watched Underworld - Awakening... it was OK but pretty much more of the same from the franchise. It is always nice to see Selene running about in tight leather so it wasn't a waste of time.

We are off to see Dark Shadows today. A Johnny Depp vampire film... I hope that the only funny aspects of the film aren't limited to the preview adverts... I guess we'll see.

So... since yesterday, I have stopped the Vulkans and ignored my 'limited sculpting on the table' ethos.

I am a fickle person.

See you from the blacksmith's!


Lord Siwoc said...

Looking pretty good Steven!

I love your Grym super heroes!!

Dai said...

Always been a fan of your sculpting. Keep it coming mate. :)