Monday, 21 May 2012

I was like... you know?... whatever...

I'm going to start by welcoming my newest follower DangyyDingyy... Welcome fellow traveller. Normally I'd gear my welcome towards the miniatures side of things but it would seem that DangyyDingyy is a lost traveller who takes the road less travelled. I am not a hundred percent sure why she would want to join Inso's World but sometimes, the fisherman doesn't only catch his chosen fish...

...So welcome aboard, enjoy your stay and stay happy :).

This morning was a no-brainer for me. I got up after a bad night, and a fairly sleepless weekend and thought... I need to be at home. So after a quick trip to work and a day's leave being put in, I have been chilling out at home and catching up with Radox and the quiet life.

I sometimes enjoy my little quiet times. Times where it is just me, the cats and the house. No television... no music... just me and the gentle snoring of the cats, the odd thudding of the helicopters overhead  and the humming of the PC fan. It is really quite relaxing.

Today, I have been progressing some sculpts and I have decided two things...

  1. I really can't abide sculpting/working with Milliput
  2. Sculpting fur on a 20mm tall miniature is a pain in the proverbials
Fortunately, the Milliput side of things is nearly finished so I can return to putting down layers of Green Stuff again (it's only the big sculpt so I am using the cheaper alternative to bulk out the armature before I start with the Green Stuff). Beast is being a bit awkward. I have started adding fur and he has lost a lot of his definition... but, to be honest, if he ends up looking like a teddy bear, I am not that worried... he is, after all, a Grymn Beast so he is likely to be a bit different anyway.

The cowboy is really coming along nicely. I've decided to focus on getting his head done so that I can make sure I am happy with it. It will also help me to finish it because once a sculpt has a face, it has a personality. He is going to end up quite chunky by the time I've finished... should be fun.

Finally, the OGrymn now has everything finished except for his coat and a few gems on his sash. He could be better but I think I have reached a stage where he needs to be finished soon or he will forever hide in the obscurity of the 'nearly finished' pile... and I really don't want that because I am really happy with his head and armour.

Do you ever stare at your hands and marvel at how they work? Our pose-able thumb is a truly remarkable piece of bio-engineering. All that movement in such a small space and hardly a muscle in sight. Add to that... skin. Skin is fascinating. All those strange little shapes, joined up to form a flexible latticework... 

... the older you get, the more details you can see in your skin due to the texture changing as it loses the ability to hold as much fluid... becoming sluggish and less reactive. Wrinkles are cool. They make it so much easier to see details and lines between structures...

When you sit and really look hard, it is easy to see that we are all, truly amazing.

Speaking of truly amazing things... here is Brian:

Click the Pic!

He is a Giant African Land Snail and he is around 7 or 8 years old. It would appear that he has taken an interest in my hobby for the first time (and no, I haven't messed with the photo... he really is that big).

I can sit and watch Brian moving around his tank for ages. You see the texture of his skin change; waves of moisture flooding it regularly... and when he moves across the glass, you can see his foot rippling. You can even hear him chewing when he eats! 

See you from the top of Salvador's Elephant!


Rovanite said...

Whoa! I'm glad the snails in the garden aren't that big!! I like how you can hear him eating lol

maxxev said...

We used to have one called Horace, :) MANY years ago.