Friday, 20 April 2012

Pre-Salute Nonsense!

I decided that I'd take a few days leave and make sure that I have the time and planning to properly enjoy Salute again this year.

Today, I have:
  • Withdrawn some cash.
  • Sorted through my storage to see what miniatures I had.
  • Made a shopping list.
  • Made an 'INSO' badge (because my T-shirt this year has 'Steve' on it).
  • Printed off a London Underground map.
  • Made a note of the train times to get me to London (and back).
  • Found a small fold-away rucksack to take with me.
  • And put all my lists, tickets, badges, sundries and a couple of pens together so I won't forget anything.

That means that I have plenty of time tonight for getting excited about tomorrow's event.

As usual, I can be found over at the Hasslefree Miniatures stand (TA02 on this MAP - note: it's a PDF file) and will have a nice HF T-shirt on. Please feel free to pop over and have a chat!

I should get a few minutes off to do a little shopping and I have plans to visit a number of stands including:

With additional searches for some tiny Union Jack decals and a general perusal for sci-fi things. A full list of traders/stand positions can be found HERE.

What is on my list? Well...
  • Grymn (troops and walkers)
  • Weapon sprues
  • Dhogu
  • 40 and 50mm plastic bases
  • British Commandos
  • Sci-fi troops
  • Gang members
  • Kaamados Dominion troops/vehicles
  • Decals
  • Miscellanea
I will, of course, show off my haul after the event so anyone who doesn't go won't feel left out. I'm not one for taking pix of the event so don't expect them from me (there are always plenty of Salute galleries on the WWW after the event so you can do what I do and search them out over the next couple of weeks because it is impossible to see absolutely EVERYTHING on the day... especially when you are helping out on a stand).

Now for something completely different... weight loss.

I am not a large person. In fact, I am quite slim. Last year, I put on a little weight and ended up having to buy some 32" waist jeans/trousers. Not a problem, you'd think...

...well, I went to put on my Salute trousers last night (they are cargo trousers with lots of secure-able pockets for all those things you want to keep safe at a convention) and discovered that they were far too large and I looked like a scarecrow. I checked the label and they were 32" waist so I went to find some smaller trousers with lots of pockets and discovered that I was not only back to my usual 30" waist...but had got a bit slimmer besides.

I haven't been on a diet or exercised too all I can think of is that reducing processed sugar in my diet (for my glucose intolerance) and walking home from work on lunch-breaks has made me lose fat around my waist. 

So I now have lots of trousers that I can't wear until I put a little weight on again! I quite enjoyed having a bit of extra weight for a while too.

As a final note... and it has nothing to do with trousers... I was going through all of my storage boxes today so that I could decide what I needed from Salute when I was struck with a dilemma. What can I do with this:

Click the Pic!

He is a cracking miniature but he is also the only Grymn in a gillie-suit so he is a little bit of an oddity. It suddenly struck me that he would make a perfect addition to my little band of Jungle troops so I have based him up and am waiting for the green stuff to set before I paint him up and put him on point-duty.


So... that is it for me today. If I don't explode by Sunday, I'll post up some stuff. If any of you are attending, please pop by and say hello!

See you from the tube-train!

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