Sunday, 22 April 2012

Post Salute Musings...the first...

Well...where do I begin?

At the beginning, I guess!?

I started the day at about 05:50Hrs and boarded the train at 07:30Hrs (there was a delay so the train was about ten minutes late). I then travelled by train, tube and DLR to Excel and walked straight into the Salute 2012 event (due to having a traders badge) at about 09:10hrs.

I met up with everyone on the Hasslefree Miniatures stand, put on my new HF polo-shirt and while it was quiet, popped to see Andy on the Heresy Miniatures stand to get a few list items.

Then I waited for the doors to open and the work to begin...

...and it began with a vengeance and continued all day. I would say that it was the busiest I've been at a Salute yet, with a constant flow of visitors and punters all day and it made the time fly past. I only wish I could have written down all the names of the people who stopped by to say hello because I met a LOT of people who I know from various forums and blogs.

To all of those visitors who stopped by to say hello I would like to express my thanks and also to say that you all made my day for popping by. This hobby is filled with some great people and I can safely say that I could have chatted away all day with you lot, if it hadn't been for the work aspect of me being at Salute.

To those who worked on the stand with was a privilege for me to be in the company of such fine people who, as always turned the day into a 'family' event. I had a complete blast and was almost disappointed to leave for a wander around the hall.

...but I did go for a wander and I managed to have a quick look at some of the stands and buy a few choice items. I didn't look at the gaming tables because I had a list that needed filling and some of the stands had moved in relation to their map position so finding them was difficult.

The big picture of the event was, as usual, a professional effort from the South London Warlords and apart from a little queue jumping needing sorting out and some really bizarre tanoy announcements, I think it went pretty smoothly. All of the tables looked great, there were the usual re-enactors in Star Wars kit, Napoleonic dress, WWII dress...the list goes on, the painting contest looked to be well turned out and the stands were laid out so that there was plenty of space to browse.

I took my camera with me but I never managed to get any pix taken... sorry about that... but I know a few links to pix and I will post them later.

I left the event at about 18:15Hrs and finally got home at around 21:45Hrs... and had the best cup of tea in the world! I was shattered then and after an early wake up, I am shattered now...but in a satisfied, 'job well done' sort of way. It was the best show so far and the takings were up again... so it was win-win all around.

My parting shot is this...

Roll on next year!

See you from the railings! 


Lord Siwoc said...

I would aim for coming by at Salute next year!

Seems you had a blast for sure!!

Brummie said...

Glad you enjoyed it!