Sunday, 22 April 2012

Post Salute Musings...the last (shopping!)

While I was at Salute, I had the opportunity to have a wander and get some shopping done. Here is a post where the pix tell the full tale:

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The dust has settled, everything has been sorted out, the blisters cut up for paint pallets, the bags de-labelled and stored, the pamphlets recycled along with the carrier bags, the miniatures put in their compartments in my lead mountain, the bases in their own storage area, the Polo shirt is in the wash and finally... the ache is starting to disappear from my legs.

The Heresy sci-fi troopers will join the rest I have and there will be two squads of ten (each with a support weapon) and a couple of characters to float about.

The Heresy gangers will join the rest of the gangers I have and complete the set for me (I have the lot now).

Dr Hugh is joining my Heresy Sci-Fi miscellanea.

The Bolt Action commandos will be getting pulse rifles and better head-gear (maybe even different heads). I have plenty of other weapon options for them so they will have special/support weapons and Comms too.

The Dhogu will join the rest of the Dhogu I have and they will form a lovely little raiding party.

The Grymn have joined the other snipers I have and are now sorted into sections for my Urban Army; four sections consisting of two snipers and two troopers each.

The bases are in their storage area and the 50mm bases will get the Pods glued to them (well, eight of them at any rate).

And the mechs... Hmmm... Hmmm... Pic from Salute:

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The three at the back are the ones I bought... all different but the same. I am thinking that leaving the rocket plates off the front of the shoulders will give plenty of Grymn space so they will be walkers for SOME project EVENTUALLY...

... we are a bunch of hoarders!

see you from the lead pile!


Lord Siwoc said...

Pretty sweet haul! I envy you on the Mechas the most!

Inso said...

I would save your envy of the mechas until I've put them together...there are a lot of pieces and to be honest, I am not certain of exactly where everything goes :) ...

...obviously I NEEDED everything and they were essential items...well...that's what I kept telling myself!

Lord Siwoc said...

They were all needed to keep you sane! If just one had been missing...I dare not think of what could have happened...

Adam said...

Looks like a great haul.
I am thinking of getting some of the Hersey Gangers for a near future project as well.
Do you have the others painted up in your blog?

Inso said...

Sorry but I have the full set of unpainted Gangers :(.

I will get around to them at some point but they aren't the highest things on the list at the moment... Sorry.