Monday, 23 April 2012

GZG Mecha Component Breakdown

I thought I'd show how the components for the new GZG Mecha go together so here is a pictorial information bulletin:

Make sure you click all the Pics to enlarge them!

EDIT: Scale Pix Added:

Make sure you click all the Pics to enlarge them!

That is the end of this public information bulletin.

See you from the mecha cockpit!


Fred Jackson said...

I read that they were hinted at on GZGs website. They are very nice. Do you know ehen they will be on sale?

Inso said...

I've no idea when they are on sale. The first I knew of them was when I was shown one at Salute so I went to have a look...sorry :(

Brummie said...

They look awesome I'm considering doing a 15mm sci fi project this year but dithering about what. These Mechs look great. Nice to see the extras for conversions

Lord Siwoc said...


I want one!!!

Inso said...

The only extras are the hands (if you buy that set) or the little rocket pods that go on the shoulders (which comes with each mecha).

You only get one choice of weapons (either set A, B or C).

I bought all three different ones (hence I have examples of each set).

Just to make things clear ;).

mad mecha guy said...

Dear all

There are other weapon sets coming when GZG gets chance to mold them.

Hopyfully other weapons will include shoulder weapons:
rail cannon (similar to the ribbed arm cannon),
rotary cannon
Addition missile pod types (different end plates for existing pods
More handheld weapons: rifles, pistols, melee weapons heavy weapons.

There are some other robotic mecha in the works, couple of walkers and a mecha tank with either wheeled or tracked modules.

They are no dates for when these are likely to be ready so please do not bug Mr GZG about release dates.


Inso said...

Cheers for the info Mad Mecha Guy :).

Are you the creator? If so I said hello on the day :).

If not... thanks for the info bomb :)