Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday and a few decal woes...

Another Sunday and after a fitful 'post curry' night, I set about painting the seated pilot for the Grymn walker. Once he was finished I gloss varnished the areas of the walker that were going to have decals applied and looked through my decal stash for the appropriate markings. is the painted Grymn walker (before any decals were applied) with the standing pilot for company:

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Here are some more pix of the standing pilot:

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This pic shows the seated pilot:

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Finally, this shows the decals that have been applied to the gloss areas and then glossed over the top again:

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The final pic shows the decals off quite clearly and they represent:

Lightning bolt: Command Badge.
Red/White/Blue marking: Regiment Badge.
Yellow Square: Squadron Badge.
501: Company Number.

Unfortunately, the decals didn't go on as smoothly as I would have liked so I will need to practice a little with 'decal soft' before I start the arduous task of adding decals to all of the troops.

Once I had fitted the pilot to the walker, I had to trim out the canopy cover a little to stop the head/hands catching on it (my positioning of the pilot was to blame because I had trial fitted him previously with no problems)...but after a quick Dremel and paint re-touch, everything is fine now.

Next I will be gloss varnishing it ready fro a matt coat (when I get some). It is nice to have got some decals on part of the big Grymn Urban Army project at last (even if they weren't as clean as I would have liked).

See you from the top of the cupboard, just next to the kidney beans!


Brummie said...

Looks fantastics Inso. Will there be a squadron

Inso said...

Only the one.

Tael said...

Very effective disruption pattern, cleanly done :D

- Tael.

Lord Siwoc said...

Ooooh... Nice one!

That did not take you long in getting that done!

Inso said...

Thanks :) .

It was completed quickly because it was so lovely :).

I really need to start sticking decals on things now...