Tuesday, 13 March 2012


At this moment in time, I am not a fan of decals.

I now have 4 armoured vehicles with some decals on them but soon realised that there was something wrong when I took a step back and looked at the markings.

I have put roundels and numbers on the vehicles and the numbers are slightly different sizes...and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

I also found that when I put varnish over them, the numbers fell to pieces and the roundels lost colour unless I was extremely careful and didn't touch them with the brush... so I had to get the paint out to repair some of them.

Awesome stuff...NOT!

I am now REALLY looking forward to adding decals to the troops... he said sarcastically.

See you from the stroppy tree!


I feel a small amount of retribution happening...I have just managed to apply all 28 roundels to the sides of my troop's helmets without incident! I also managed to cover them with varnish with no leeching of colour!

Only 56 numbers to go!

...but not today.

See you from the happy tree!


Yay! Things are getting better by the hour. I have painted over the vehicle numbers and have replaced them with alternatives that look much better... and I am happy with them now. I can at least stop fretting over them and get on with other things.

See you from the ecstatic tree!

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