Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Snowy Sunday!

I am sitting looking out of my window at the snow that has settled over night. It seems to be slowly thawing out but I guess it will freeze at some point...just to cause a bit of chaos.

This week has mostly been geared towards Grymn. Not unusual but certainly specialised and subjective...and that is why I have put all of the important stuff on the grymn blog HERE . As a taster, here is the Command Squad for the first platoon that I am building for the urban army:

Click the Pic!

There is all sorts of other information over at the linked take a look.

Writing has been an important aspect of the week and the story has progressed...but there have been no additions since Thursday so I won't link to it again. I am quite happy with the way it is going and have some big ideas for the finale... something VERY cool.

I have also been thinking a lot about atmospheric, fighter-aircraft with a VTOL capability and of course, the Harrier jump-jet is the epitome of VTOL design. The thing with a Harrier is that it looks like a is very difficult to see it as anything else (so making it sci-fi is difficult)... but I have a plan! I doubt if very much will surface in the short term but I really want to have a small air force and they need to be VTOL. Enough said.

The VASA project is still ticking along but has taken a back seat to the it is little and often there (with no pix to show at the moment).

Well that is about it for now...I am looking forward to getting some miniatures and decals through the post at some point but am saving my pennies for Salute now (April 21st); especially because I now have my ticket.

See you from inside my balaclava!

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