Saturday, 21 January 2012

Trying to get back in the game...

I am going to give myself a good shake and focus! That is the plan, anyway. I have been doing a lot of browsing (by that read 'random shopping') to try and fire some enthusiasm and have had various bits and bobs turn up in the post.

First I had a couple of Ground Zero Games, resin kits turn up as an extremely generous gift from a friend on the WIP forum . They were a six wheeled APC and a small flier and they will both come in useful once I decide what faction/race to attach them to.

Next, I a number of purchases through the post. First, I received four Space Dwarfs and a free Goblin from Silent Spectre Studio. They are nice little miniatures from an amateur sculptor who is trying to break into the miniatures market (so give his site a look!).

My Marauder has arrived from Fenris Games after a replacement being sent as a result of the first one going missing in the mail. Not only did one e-mail sort the issue out but I also received a few extra bits and bobs as 'compensation' for the wait. I say "Thank you Fenris!" and would suggest that there are other companies who could follow this fine example.

My Decals arrived and they came with a nice coloured booklet with photos of the Merlin and the Splat included.  Here is the decal sheet that I received:

Click the Pic!

The Splat design is in two parts; the colours and the outline. The sheet will be sealed away with its booklet and kept for prosperity. I may get a second set and 'Splat' a flier in the future (especially if the dropship gets built...maybe, I'll even paint a larger version instead!).

Plans are afoot to get me back on track...and that means that I need to paint some Grymn. My current idea is to finish off the bike platoon for Void and then paint up a squad of Urban Grymn. I think that I really need to get them going and I also think that once I get a squad done, I may get the urge to paint a few more. Of course, I will have other things floating about...but that is the very basic plan. The Grymn will be basic colours rather than having any complicated camouflage so that I can get them painted relatively quickly...nothing increases enthusiasm better than finished units!

I have written another bit of text for my STORY so feel free to pop along and read it. Things are going to get more and more interesting as the voyage continues...

Lastly...a funny story...

...When I get tired, my words disappear. I often have trouble remembering simple things and need prompting when I am talking to people. Most of the time, I appreciate this because I am tired all the time. The trouble is, I also mix words up...only names though. On my last trip to Kenya, I called one of my mates 'Dave' for the entire time we were there. His name was Big Rob. He just put up with it and took the mickey a bit. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to a guy named Paul. Understand that I am in a new job, dealing with high profile, professional people from outside agencies. Anyway, I get a phone call. 

'Was the e-mail meant for me or am I just taking a note of it?' said Paul.
'It's for you...that's why you are the only person in the receiving box' I replied.
' who's Dave then?' He says.
'...Ah...I guess I've done it again!' I say 'Sorry just happens sometimes.'

Fortunately, I have known Paul a long time and he took it in good spirits...but next time...who knows who will be called Dave?!?!.

See you from the nice, white, comfy, padded, room!


Vampifan said...

Who'll be next to be called Dave? Err, Rodney Trotter!

TamsinP said...

or maybe this: