Thursday, 19 January 2012

The doldrums.

I knew it had to happen at some point because I have had such a good run of hobby creativity... I have hit the doldrums and am having an immense amount of trouble picking up a brush or sculpting tool. It isn't all bad though. I have been writing again and have written the third instalment in the Duplicate story...feel free to click this link: STORY and scroll down to find the third part (or read the whole thing if you like).

Things in the mix are varied. I have my Void bikes on the table and they are slowly getting painted. I also have five resin space Dwarfs in the process of paint and they are sitting next to the bikes. Beside those is a Grymn in powered armour that is waiting for a claw to be sculpted. Everything else is in the cupboard. I had hoped that clearing the decks would help to get me painting but it doesn't seem to have worked... I have been doing a lot of thinking. The Dropship idea has changed from day to day and I am even going to the effort of asking serious model makers about internal measurements of modern aircraft kits in various scales. One of many ideas is to strap a couple of modern transport aircraft together and work from there...other ideas include wooden frames with thick foil walls held on with pins and even a length of waste-pipe. The problem is that I know what I want to do but have yet to work out how I will do it. It is no biggy's not as if I haven't got a lot to get on with while I think about it.

On top of that, I have been thinking about the vehicles for my Urban Grymn and am getting close to thinking about assembling them (I have ten to assemble). The trouble is that my working storage area is currently filled with 150+ Grymn, mechs and vehicles that all need I have to be careful about what I build because I will have nowhere to put it. I also have no colour scheme sorted so that will slow things down as well.

I have stalled on the Mantic space Dwarfs...I will make further comment about those at some point when I can be bothered (oh dear).

I have been checking out my VASA minis and have decided on a few colour changes for some existing minis as well as some minor recovery jobs on some of the Black Legion minis I have. It is important for me to keep up the momentum with the Void stuff because I have joined the challenge of '£10-00 a month PLUS' and want to achieve that.

My writing has stimulated a need for a few character sculpts...but until the doldrums finish, there is no chance of that.

Roll on the weekend! Hopefully, I can shake off the lack of motivation and get back to the hobby again.

See you whilst I'm standing by the lamp-post, on the corner of the street!


Dan said...

I have slack periods, sometimes they can last months, hang in there.

Qalpha said...

Mojo comes mojo goes but the hobby waits patiently...

Have you considered the possibilities of 1/35 chinook models would require adaptation but looks like that inevitable :)

All the best.

bandit86 said...

You and me both

Brummie said...

No the feeling well. I've been lacking inspiration lately for my Zombie project but found a new book at the library which has kicked it all off again Plus a Hasslefree order which i'm looking forward to arriving