Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A quiet day at home.

After all the exertions of yesterday's sport and my complete inability to get any useful sleep lately, I took a day's leave and stayed at home today. That means that I have had a little bit of quiet time to sit and do pretty much nothing. That said, I can't just sit and do nothing so I have finished up a few bikes:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

With these finished, I just need to varnish them and the platoon will be finished; that's 3 combinations, 9 bikes and a lieutenant on bike...job's a good 'un!

The next Void unit will be some Black Legionnaires...but not until February (they are my February Void pledge).

I will now start the process of cleaning Grymn and basing them, ready for some paint. They will be done a platoon at a time and that will include the vehicles that go with them...should be fun.

See you from the back of the front bit! 


Spacejacker said...

They turned out really nice. Great sculpts too, in an unusual clean style. I'm often tempted by the range.

Inso said...

They are still available at Scotia Grendel and I agree with you...they have a really nice, clean look to them. I( am just disappointed that Kev can't re-do these in the correct size for Grymn...but I guess they are from his not so happy time at I-Kore and they would have the IP anyway... a real shame :(

fog99uk said...

I've got a load of these for my Grymn too. I've converted the sidecars to remove the weapon operator.