Monday, 23 January 2012

Life, writing and sport...OUCH!

Just a quick post today. I have added another part of my ongoing STORY. Again, you'll have to scroll down to read the latest part. Things are hotting up as the trip continues...

I am in the process of basing the last of the bikes. Once the glue has dried, I'll be painting the bases and adding the camouflage to the tops of the bikes. Then it will be transfers and varnish. Not far to go but the PVA takes a long time to set the sand in place...

That, as they say, is that...

...but I did pass my fitness test today (easily) and afterwards I spent an hour playing indoor football (badly). I now have a poorly functioning left hand and feel like I have been run over by a 41, I think fitness must be something that other people do.

Football...a game where even a friendly kick-about has people telling you you are doing things wrong. I thought my awesome leg waving skills were great...not to mention my fantastic air kicks, awesome 'eyes shut' headers and flailing arm goal keeping skills! I scored goals too!  I bet the opposition were crying into their boots over that!

Good fun that I will pay for later.

See you from the minor injuries unit!

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