Sunday, 11 December 2011


It has been a rather interesting week for me. Lots of things have happened and the biggest was a change in job.

I have now moved over to my new job and I have now got my feet beneath the desk and have started to take on tasking. The people are good and they are starting to get used to me, even though I haven't let ME out of the bag too much yet (don't want to scare the natives too much, too soon). It is an eight-to-five job and it will enable me to regain some of the routine I lost whilst working shifts. It is early days but I think I will fit in nicely. This week we have 'secret santa' and a Christmas party to look forward to. Should be nice.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a Christmas party with people from my last job this week and had a great time. I also have had to recover somewhat (sleep has been a rare and wonderful thing this week).

I have collected a lovely, runny, head-cold this week and have been feeling a little bit sluggish. Add to that the fact that I am breaking in a new pair of RAF shoes this week and I must look like a hunched old crone whilst walking to work!

My wife is poorly at the moment...dizzy with occasional I am Mr. House-dad today and have sorted out a nice stew for dinner (lots of pepper). My two teen-aged children are manning the barriers as well so all is as well as it could be.

So...quite eventful.

But what of the hobby? Well...I can't say that I have been over active on the hobby front but I am quite happy to have dug my Tunnel Fighter mechs from the cupboard and especially to have them all painted in gun-metal. I have also painted the pilots, ready for the ink stage that comes once I have painted the grey bits on the mechs. Here's where they are at the moment:

Click the Pic!

After painting all that gun-metal, I needed a break from the mechs so I have started base-coating the bike squad (still a bit to go yet):

Click the pic!

I've only managed to under-coat the Pug Squad...but it may show the details better than raw-lead here they are:

Click the Pic!

Shopping...yes we all like shopping and this week I have purchased a couple of items. I had a small win on E-Bay and as a result, I have a small parcel containing a squad of Void Archangels, waiting at the post office. I have also bought some Twilight Miniatures (as mentioned in my last post). I am not sure whether they will remain fantasy...but we'll see.

I have also added some cash to a Kick-starter project for a band of superhero sculpts called Crossover It looks very promising so if you like the thought of multi-choice superhero sculpts in 28mm, then this may be for you...if it is, then pledge some money.

My final thought for the day is exactly that...a thought. I have decided to add a small section to my blog called 'What The Voices Tell Me'. It will be a little note on what I have been thinking about between posts that may or may not be hobby related and may or may not be something I will pursue/ watch out for it.

Whew! That is it for today. I have things to do.

See you through the red window!


The Haggis said...

Thanks for the contribution Inso! I've enjoyed watching your sculpting and look forward to your next projects!


Inso said...

No worries Rusti...I am really looking forward to what Soapy comes up with.

I would have liked to have thrown more cash your way but I couldn't justify it at home.