Monday, 12 December 2011

It's a complete void...

Before I start, I'll say welcome to the newest follower of Inso's World and that would be psychobob808. Welcome Psychobob808, I hope you enjoy looking around but please watch your never know what may be just around the corner.

So, I received a nice little parcel today and it stimulated a brief period of exploration in one of my storage cupboards.

It is funny a bit of a miniatures hoarder, I occasionally need to reacquaint myself with my collection and today, I did just that.

What did I find? go with the five VASA Archangels that I received in my little parcel today, I found 5 Black Legion with wings, 10 Black Legion with jump-packs and 5 Shuriken Guards with wings....that is a total of 25 jump troopers in anyone's calculations!

Five of the Black Legion need a little TLC because they were an E-Bay lot and the little balls were removed from the end of their staffs for some I will need to replace those. The Shuriken Guard are a little bit on the squiffy side so they will need a little extra clean-up...but apart from that, they are all good to go.

It is a shame that I couldn't get access to my other cupboard...that is where all of the marines live and I reckon I must have about 30 VASA marines to go with the army. I seem to have secretly collected quite a lot of VASA secretly, in fact, that I didn't even realise it myself! keep with the Void theme, I have base-coated the small bike squad and am in the process of giving them a wash with Devlan Mud, ready for the next stage. Isn't it great when someone sets a little challenge that gets you painting things you hadn't looked at for ages.

...and don't look now but the Pugs are purple...and it made this cat very unhappy:

See you from the bridge of the HMS Starchaser!

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psychobob808 said...

Thank you! I stumbled upon your blog and I look forward to looking through your old posts and seeing your new ones as well! Good stuff from what I've read so far. I appreciate you taking your time and doing what you do!