Sunday, 20 November 2011

Meet you at for the Hun in the sun...

After a VERY hectic week at work and a lot of unsettled nights, I was certainly glad to see Friday and the end of my shift. Once I had landed, I managed to finish sculpting Captain Britain and then started the painting process. By the end of Saturday, the Captain was all finished with just the base needing to dry before the pix could be taken. Well, he is now finished and here he is wth the rest of the Super-Team:

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Captain Britain is probably my favourite super Grymn so far. He took me from despair to joy, from nearly being thrown in the bin to being finished and nicely painted. I am quite chuffed that I managed to get the lion and the various union flags looking as neat as they that is why he is my favourite so far. The next one will be Beast and of course, Goliath will be ticking along in the background because he is an absolute monster of a sculpt!

While I have been waiting for the putty to dry, I have been ticking along with the War-Smith and have washed him with Devlan Mud and started to highlight up. Here he is again and although he is still very WIP, his details are starting to stand out a little:

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From a previous post, you will remember me saying that I wanted to sci-fi up a Spitfire. Well, yesterday, I bought a 1/72nd scale Italeri kit of a Spitfire Mk9 and have been tinkering with it a little today. So far I have split it right down the middle and widened the body. It is now big enough for a Grymn pilot and will have plenty of space to house the gas-turbine engines in the wing-roots. The wings have been fractionally swept (a very tiny amount) so the cannons will have to be removed...but they were going to get replaced anyway; they need to meet the demands of the larger scale.

I plan to make the aircraft 'fly-by-wire' so there will be no external control wires but there will be little bulges that will house the PFCUs. The engines in the wings will be nicely shaped to be part of the wings (a bit like the Nimrod), with the air intakes being in the nose of the aircraft (where the exhausts would normally be). With the propeller being removed, there is a nice space for a shaped nose-cone...and that will mean that there may be space for a bit of nose all depends.

I may end up filling the cockpit with a pilot and details but at the moment, I am thinking that it will be solid and blocked in (it depends on whether I can build a see through canopy or not).

I'm sorry about not having pix of her at the moment but she is most certainly looking under the weather and doesn't want to show off her new lines just yet...but soon, she will have the strength of character to oblige!

Well, that is about it. I hope to see you all again soon.

See you from bleachers!


superherofigurehunter said...

Painted Captain Britain looks ace - kudos. Looking forwards to Goliath - but which Goliath will it be.... hmmm?

Brummie said...

Very nice paint job all the flags and symbols look excellent mate