Monday, 21 November 2011

Into the Void.

I have been reading some stuff over at Lead Adventure Forum (amongst other places) and have been encouraged to start painting a few of the many Void 1.1 miniatures that I have in my collection.

The main instigator is 'lieutenantbrittan' and if you check out the blog list over on the right, you'll see a link to his blog.

The idea is that you paint £10-00 worth of Void stuff each month. Now I already have all of the Void stuff I won't be following exactly...but what I aim to do is get a small unit painted as often as I can manage, in between the super-soldiers, Spitfire and Terminator that I am currently working on.

To start, I have a small unit of Viper Wing bikes consisting of 3 bikes and a bike with side-car. I have assembled them, cleaned and based them and they are in the process of getting an under-coat ready for the painting to start proper.

I haven't decided on colour schemes yet...but they will be quite dark and maybe 'urban' themed in some way. I won't be following the schemes in the Void rule book and although these are VASA vehicles, they will be acting as generic sci-fi (because I don't game, it doesn't really matter).

I have had these sitting in the cupboard for ages so it is a good excuse to get something this space!

On top of this, I have managed to sell some Orca battle-suits which have funded a purchase of some Mantic Space Dwarfs. I have 10 basic troops and 5 heavy troops ordered and on their way from Wayland Games. Hopefully they will arrive soon and I can throw a basic paint job on them. I reckon base-coat, wash and base-coat should do it. I will also be aiming to undo some of the misconceptions of the bird-beak helmets by painting them in the same colours as the rest of the armour...we shall see if it works.

See you from the river!


Brummie said...

It will be interesting to see what you do with Mantics Space dwarves. I haven't checked for a while but there seems to be a lack of decent images for them

Inso said...

Don't expect miracles...I plan on making these a quick-build force so will be keeping things simple.

...well...that is the plan but you never can tell!!!