Friday, 28 October 2011


I was in the bath today and I had one of those eureka moments. Lying there daydreaming, as I usually do, I suddenly realised that the Human scaled Beast was never going to get painted because something just wasn't right. I had him all base-coated but he didn't look right because I had decided not to give him an under-suit and his costume was completely yellow.

What to do?

Well, I finished my bath and have now sculpted on an under-suit, round belt buckle and belt-loops on his costume. As a result, I have been fired up again and want to finish painting him.

He will be painted up to match the original Beast from the X-Men comics and now that he has the under-suit, he is likely to be painted.

What do we do about the Iron Man project?

I am torn on which Iron Man costume to sculpt. I am having difficulty deciding whether I will go for the classic, comic-book style or the more recent film style of armour. There is always the alternative of a bit of mix and match because, when all is said and done, it is the helmet that makes Iron Man so if I get that right, I can pretty much sculpt the armour any way I like.

Maybe even Hulk Buster armour (although I am really not keen on having two brutes in the group).

Hmmm...sometimes the muse is a cruel mistress! Too many ideas spoiling the focus!

Suggestions are welcome!

See you as I crawl from my Pupae!

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