Sunday, 30 October 2011

A change of tack...

After my Eureka moment, I sculpted on the required elements for Beast to look like his comic counterpart and that spurred me on to get him painted:

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I am in the process of deciding whether to sell him on so his base has been painted in a street style. If I decide to keep him, I'll add sand like all my other miniatures get.

Sitting at the sculpting table can be an odd thing. Sometimes you are keen to jump in and start from scratch and other times you are just looking for a simple fix. This next picture is an example of a simple fix. It is a Mushroom Spore-Launcher for my Agarix army and all it took to finish it was to smooth down the he is now finished:

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I think he is functional and will get a bit more detail in the painting process.

The Grymn Super-Soldier project is still moving along at a great pace. On the corks at the moment are Iron Man and She-Hulk.

Iron Man will be getting a mix of film and comic styling and is well on the way to getting his legs and body finished at the moment...OH, THOSE PANEL LINES!!!!

She-Hulk is a little less further along but will be getting the same costume as the chibi version here:

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In fact, if I could get her to look like the picture, I'd be really happy. I prefer the more clothed look of this costume rather than the more exposing costume of the mainstream comics...I also prefer the boots as they give a little more colour to the figure.

Well...that is about it for today.

See you from the hole in the garden!

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