Monday, 17 October 2011

More superhero action!

I have been busy sculpting again today and have managed to finish Nick Fury. Here he is with a Dark Eldar for scale:

Click the Pic!

Nick is slightly taller than the other characters but he is still no taller than some of my I got away with a bit of inadvertent scale-creep. The reason he is a bit taller than planned is because I had to take his feet off and add a millimetre on his ankles in order to get his proportions correct. I think the bit of extra height is okay; especially because he is the leader of the group.

Once he is properly dry, I'll be basing him and cracking on with the paint-job. I am quite looking forward to it.

While I was sculpting Nick Fury, I have been adding to my other sculpts as well.

Puck is really getting there. He is nearly done apart from his feet, arms and not too much more to finish. I also decided to act on a suggestion for the alien sculpt and have given him a suit, boots and gloves so that he can be a superhero too...even if he is a bit alien. The miscellaneous Dwarf has been binned. His proportions were so bad, he was the bin was the best place for him. The Mushroom man has been smoothed out and only has his crown, gun and a few details left...I am really motoring at this sculpting lark at the moment!

Finally, I have decided to make the big human sculpt into a I have given him a trouser-suit and mask and just need to tidy up his hands and feet and he is he is so far:

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My next task will be to finish Puck and this Beast and then start the next superhero which will probably be Iron Man (or Captain Britain)...PHEW!

See you down there!


Deadestdai said...

Big group you have planned, tho if they look as good as the ones already finished then it will be damned cool when completed.

I still am in awe at how you and others can sculpt at such a small scale - I can barely greenstuff gaps discretely. :)

(O and I thought of another character that could add to your group perhaps - Union Jack, vampire hunter and hero of Her Majesty's realm!)

Inso said...

I have said on many occasions that sculpting (no matter how small) is the product of hours and hours of practice and perseverance...I started with gap filling so draw your own conclusions :D.

I had a look at Union Jack and I'll agree that he looks cool but he has no super-powers...he's just a bloke in a costume so I don't think he's one for the team (Captain Britain will be keeping a stiff upper-lip for Blighty instead).

Thanks for the suggestion though...I'd never hear of him before.