Sunday, 16 October 2011

I just can't stop!

I am a bit disappointed today. I wanted to have a couple of sculpts finished but drying times (amongst other things) have scuppered my plans.

I couldn't leave the Sunday post bare of pix when I had been busy sculpting so I thought I'd post a group WIP pic:

Click the Pic!

At the top of the pic, from left to right, we have a Mushroom Man From Outer Space with a spore cannon arm, Nick Fury (agent of SHIELD), Puck (from Alpha Flight), a miscellaneous Dwarf character and a large, human sized superhero in shorts.

The Mushroom man is very nearly finished; the crown and a few details are all that are left to finish. Nick Fury needs his arms and belts/pouches finishing off. Puck is still at an early stage but is tiny. The Dwarf is still at an early stage and finally the human Superhero is almost finished but I am stuck with what direction to go with him. I thought of going for an early version of Beast:

Click the Pic!

The problem with that is I would need to change the costume slightly and would also need to sculpt proper feet...something I don't enjoy. I could make him a Hulk but I am not keen on that. Decisions, decisions!

I have been completely immersed in my sculpting lately and it has been a very long time since I have enjoyed pushing putty as much as I am now. Hopefully, it will be a while until it wears off because I really want to finish my supers before it does.

As for the Grymn Super-Soldier project...I have decided to add a few extras and the team will now be:

Nick Fury
Iron Man
Black Widow
Captain Britain (the original one dressed in red, carrying a staff)
Demolition Man (because he looks like Wolverine but doesn't have claws)
Rescue (Pepper Potts in Iron Man armour)

...and whether I finish this project depends on how long my muse lasts!

See you from the top of the world!


Vampifan said...

Inso, you've made my day by saying you want to sculpt She Hulk. "Shulkie" is my all-time favourite Marvel superhero. I'm sure you'll do her justice.

Inso said...

I am tempted just to make a female version of the Hulk rather than the shapely She-Hulk though...

...but I won't :)

I am going to have my work cut out with her though...trying to keep her curves AND make her muscley is going to be a challenge.

I'll give it a go though :D

Brummie said...

Some great looking stuff there Inso. You know you want todo a curvy She Hulk.

Inso said...

Of course I do...there would be no point sculpting her if she wasn't curvaceous!

...although a really butch, over-muscled female character does have it's charms/shock value...