Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Links Update.

I'd like to welcome Avicenna to Inso's World. Avicenna is a painter of renown and to name but one of his achievements, was the winner of the Salute painting competition this year. Welcome aboard and I hope you find something to interest you here on my blog.

Tenuous link...but speaking of blogs...the axeman has come and removed some of those blogs that have been dormant for awhile and replaced them with a few that are new and a bit more regularly updated (I hope). Feel free to browse away and enjoy.

See you over the editing suite floor!


Brummie said...

Thank you for adding me to your list. Had a busy night last night so will hopefully have some more finished stuff to put up tomorrow.

Hows Your Son?

Vampifan said...

I, too, would like to thank you for adding a link to my blog-site. In the spirit of co-operation I have added a link to your own site on mine. I have also joined your ranks of followers. I wish you all the best.

Bryan aka Vampifan.

Avicenna said...

Hey! Thanks Inso

I am always fascinated by the stuff you do - its so far removed from the small handfull of minis I paint a year, it really intrigues me :)

Squads of models always look great together - something I intend to try and do this year (will be starting soon)

Take care dude

Inso said...

Welcome aboard :).

My son is on the mend so it's all positive at the moment...he just needs to eat a lot to get his strength back :).