Sunday, 18 September 2011

2nd Post.

On to the second part of Sunday's posting and this time there is hobby news. Unfortunately, I have been unable to finish the remaining two walkers but have got a fair way. Here is a pic to show them so far:

Click the Pic!

All I have left to do is add two window frames, either side in green-stuff (at the moment, I have to wait for the existing layer to dry) and then fill in all of the gaps in the frames. Once that is done I just need to pin and glue the guns on before undercoating and painting. I guess it is a case of 'so near, yet so far'. Well. I'll be ticking along with those until they are finished.

The postman only rings once...and then takes my parcel off to the depot until I can pick it up tomorrow. The big question is..."Is it Space Dwarfs or my other parcel?"...I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

For ages I have been keen to add a few superheroes to my collection and I have finally decided that it is time to get the ball rolling. The idea is to have a team of five 'super-soldiers' with a liaison officer to act as a go between with the normal armed forces. I have decided that, rather than just making it all up, I'd opt for some recognised Marvel/DC heroes and have decided on the following:

Nick Fury.

Captain America
Ironman/Warmachine (maybe even the Crimson Dynamo).
Black Widow
Hurricane (effectively a female version of the Flash - super speedster)
A brute of some description (maybe Juggernaut or Beast)

I have chosen the above because they can all be explained away with serums or technological or biological science. There won't be any 'struck by a mystic bolt' nonsense! I want them to be super soldiers rather than mutants or mystical superheroes or aliens.

Unfortunately, the miniatures that are on the market don't fit in with my plans so I will have to sculpt/convert my own which is one of the reasons I have kept it to a limited number of team-members.

I'm not saying that they are imminent but they are on the drawing board...

One last note before I get back to my Walkers. I have been trawling the I do...and I noticed that Miniature Heroes has the Denison range of sci-fi troops. In amongst them are a few gems and for their time, they are pretty decent little miniatures. It may be worth a look...

Miniature Heroes

Well, that is about it for today. I am on night shifts this week so I will be a bit disjointed with sleep and that will impact things a little. It doesn't mean I won't get anything done, it just means I am getting my excuses in early!!!

See you through the shattered remains of the bay window!

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