Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy...

I have no idea what has happened to me...I seem to be having a bit of an impromptu spring clean.

After the 'hiding things in the loft' campaign, I have just been through all my loose items and either bagged, boxed, sorted or binned everything...so I now have a nice tidy hobby area (AKA the living room).

I have also been a good little hobbyist and under-coated the four mechs that remain for the Tunnel Fighter army. Okay, they aren't any where near complete but I had to start somewhere...and at least I don't have to look at a bright blue ST Bacchus any more. Next stop will be the gun-metal coat...should be fun (NOT!).

So it would appear that mob rules are the name of the day in our English cities...rioting, violence, arson, theft, widespread lawlessness...

It seems that most of the time the culprits are our disaffected youth who have been raised in a way that they have no respect for authority and understand no responsibility for their actions. It is a sad state of affairs for a country that is supposed to be civilised.

Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and the justice system swings into action so that all the innocent victims get at least some recompense for the losses they have suffered.

For the record, I have never done riot control training but I have been trained to deal with unwanted intruders...but never say never ;)...

Necrons are cool. I have been clipping them off sprues and putting all the components for individual troops into their own separate bags. I have decided that another ten should suffice for the Beetle-Bot army (making two squads of troops) and that will leave me with two to build a rider for the Heavy Death-Scooter and a Lord on Death-Chariot. The troops will take a long time to build but I'm sure that once I get chopping, time will fly by and I'll have a nice bunch of them ready to paint up :).

Hmmm...how to build a Heavy Death-Scooter?

See you after the assimilation!

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