Sunday, 10 July 2011


Sometimes we all have to take stock of our lives and go through a period of adjustment. Every time something happens, we need to understand why...that is human nature for you.

Well, this week has really been a week of adjustment and understanding. As a result of the blood-test 'diabetes bombshell', I have changed my diet and started a more intense fitness regime. This has had a number of effects:

1) I am not eating any processed/refined my energy levels have dropped.
2) I am exercising more so I am finding all those muscles that I forgot I had.
3) I have discovered sleep...which, funnily enough, is making me feel tired during the day.
4) I am coming to terms with not being able to do what I like and eat what I like...WEIRD!!!
5) I am having to find replacements for all those foodstuffs that I love...that don't contain lots of sugar.

I am quite lucky because I can mentally label foods as 'BAD' and once I've done that, I don't miss them. That means I don't have cravings (yet) for things like ketchup, chocolate...and many other things. I have also begun to rediscover a love for vegetables and fruits...and more basic produce and don't feel the need to cover everything with salt or sauce.

I think the exercise is helping because I am already starting to feel more must be all those endorphins!

Bananas are great. They have a really beneficial effect when you have overdone a run and quickly stop you from keeling over!

What I am trying to say is that while I am jumping on the 'New ME Bandwagon', I have a lot less time for the hobby. It also means that I have nothing to show off in this current update.

On the plus side, I have finally received the sci-fi troopers from Ramshackle Games and have washed them ready to start their clean-up and painting stages. From a quick once over, they look really nicely cast and have minimal I think they will be a joy to put together and paint.

For some strange reason, I have just stopped with the army building vibe at the moment and have decided that I want to get a few characters put together to go with this guy:

Click the Pic!

As a result, I have started the conversion work on a second Ogre-sized Tunnel Fighter who will act as an advisor and maybe a mystic. He has been based on the same miniature as the one above but will look rather different...he has a pet, for starters! I don't want the whole unit to be OGrymn and have been thinking about putting a few more troops together to act as high-ranking officers and advisors...but they will be the standard Grymn size.

...I suppose they will need transport...and maybe a mech to go with them...but I will need to put together a unit of troops first :).

Well, sorry for the empty update but hopefully, I'll get back into the groove soon and climb back into the hobby saddle again.

See you at the finish line!


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Good luck on finding the "new you", it's for the best!!! Ultimately, you health is more important that the hobby...

neil said...

Hope you are OK mate, if there is anything I can do please let me know

Good luck


Inso said...

Thanks :) .

I'm hoping that when I go for my next blood test in three months that I am within the normal parameters...that way I can regulate a level of refined sugar without going without it all together (as I am now).

It was all a bit of a shock (what with me being quite slim) but I have it gripped now and will hopefully knock it on the head very quickly.

Phil Curran said...

Inso, i wish you all the best.

botwt said...

Hey brother, sorry to hear about the diabetes diagnosis, but fear isn't that bad.

I have Type II myself (for the last several years) and eat pretty much whatever I want...just less of it and my A1C levels are at a 6.3 (down from a 9.something when I found out). Try to stay away from sodas (diet is ok) and heavy pasta and things with high fructose corn-syrup. Take 2 cinnamon caplets (1000 mg) per day...sounds weird, but I have noticed (to my surprise) that it lowers blood sugar, my mother was big into herbal remedies.

Chin up mate, it isn't that bad and you'll feel alot better once you've rid yourself of the extra carb intake. :)

Inso said...

Cheers Phil :)

Thanks for the info botwt, I am doing basically what you have mentioned and will look into the cinnamon tabs too.

It isn't really a huge deal (as long as I can keep to what I am doing) but it still caught me completely by surprise. I am pretty slim and have a healthy I didn't think I was in the box for diabetes...I guess you can never be too sure.