Sunday, 17 July 2011

I had forgotten...

...just how long it takes to sculpt larger stuff. I t seems that it takes a lot more time because you worry more about covering the bits you have sculpted with finger-prints. The extra weight doesn't help either...but enough of that! Just to prove that I have been busying myself with a bit of hobby stuff lately, I thought I'd post some WIP pix of my newest Ogre sized conversion...and the assembly pix of the next three APCs:

Click the Pic!

Obviously, the OGrymn is for my Tunnel Fighter army, as are the APCs.

The OGrymn will be a bit of a seer/shaman sort of character and his little pet will be either albino or have some weird markings to differentiate it from the other K9s in the army. The armour parts will be brass instead of the usual gun-metal and the staff will literally be a plain rod with an inner glow that starts at the hand and dims the further away it gets. The outstretched hand will have a heavy metal gauntlet with a gem in the palm (much like Iron Man) that will have a similar glow to the staff and the bumps around the helmet. He will be a member of the high-command squad that will have a host of different characters in it.

You may notice that the three APCs have slightly different turrets. That is because they will eventually be attached to standard infantry squads and I thought that a missile turret would suit the role better. That way, they can be equipped with anti infantry or anti armour missiles...or a mix of both. I thought that was more appropriate than a pair of cannons.

So I still need to spend an age on the OGrymn and I need to fill all of the gaps and air-bubble holes in the APCs but at least there is a small amount of progress to share.

Speaking of APCs, I have just put in another order to Scotia Grendel for the last four of them. I hope that they arrive fairly quickly because I will need something to distract me from the drudgery of painting the mechs...even thinking about them makes me dread looking at them in their unfinished states...I'm sure that there will come a time where I bite the bullet and slap on a base coat (it is all down hill after is the base coat that is the pain).

On to other things and this week is very special for me. I am attending a dinner in honour of the 40 years service of the Puma helicopter. A long time ago, when I first arrived at my unit after trade training, the Puma was the first aircraft I worked on. I have worked on the type, on and off, for the last 19 years (13 years total time) and it is an aircraft that I hold dear to my heart. What makes it even more special is the fact that the year I was born, the Puma joined the we both came into service in the same year :D. I am going to be bending the diet somewhat on that night I reckon...

That is about it for today so I'll potter on my way and tick along with whatever I need to tick along with :).

See you from the balcony!


Brummie said...

Nice work on your psychic. Can't wait to see him painted.

I know what you mean once you get things base coated its surprising how fast they progress

Inso said...

It is just summoning the enthusiasm to get the base coat done...especially when you know that the models are quite large and that you still have to paint four of them...after painting seven already!

The reward system really works for these...and at least I am cracking on with the APCs that will finish off three more mech it is win-win really.