Saturday, 2 July 2011

Holy's a Saturday update again.

So this week, I managed to get another two of the mechs finished:

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Here they are together with the first of the rifle-mechs:

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It is a right old pastel-fest! These are the first three complete rifle-mechs and they will go with their troop units and APCs...speaking of APCs, I have now got them soap-washed and drying out in the kitchen.

So I now have 7 painted mechs, 11 painted squads and 4 painted APCs. I still need to paint 4 mechs and 7 not far to go now :) .

On to other things and I am still waiting for the two squads of sci-fi troopers from Ramshackle games. I still have a few days to go before I have to worry but I had hoped that they would have arrived by may have taken the edge off the week I have had.

Recently, I had a medical and as part of that, I had a blood test. Well it turns out that I have early stage type-2 diabetes. Not a life stopper or anything but it dented my spirit a little. I am lucky that I caught it at such an early stage so I can hopefully sort things out with a diet change and a bit of extra exercise... I have had a bit of a downer and haven't managed to get as much hobby stuff done as I would have liked.

Sometimes real-life has a way of taking up a bit more time than you would like...

See you over the top of the daily news :) .

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