Sunday, 26 June 2011

More mech action.

In amongst a rather slow hobby week, I have managed to get another mech finished for the Tunnel Fighter army:

Click the Pic!

He is the first of the six mechs that accompany the standard infantry units so it is good to get the ball rolling. I have also managed to get the second one to a washed state and am waiting for it to dry before I crack on with the final layer and details. I have another mech that is ready for the wash stage and then I will have to go back to basics and under-coat, base-coat and wash the rest of they will take a little longer than the ones I have managed to chomp through lately.

Once I have completed the first three of the basic mechs, I will build and paint the three APCs I have...that way I will complete mech units before moving on too far. Once those are done, I can order the final four APCs and paint the remaining mechs while I wait for delivery and assembly.

You see? I have a plan!!! (but you know how often they survive contact with the enemy).

On to other things and I am still waiting for my sci-fi troopers to arrive from Ramshackle Games...but there is nothing untoward about it, I expect that the latest venture into sci-fi has caught Curtis off guard with the amount of orders I expect he received.

Today I went into Reading and had a rather nice salad in Pret A Manger...well worth the four and a half notes it cost me. While I was in Reading, I visited Eclectic Games at the bottom of town. There was a small sale going on and I decided it was time I bought a box of Mantic Games Dwarfs (Iron Clad Command) as well as my first Warmachine miniatures...some Horgenhold Guard troops. It is funny but the two metal Guard cost me two pounds more than the Mantic box of ten plastic Dwarfs. I recall a post I made earlier about the cost of miniatures and the value we place on them.

I have no idea what I am going to do with my latest purchases but am looking at the possibility of making them a little more sci-fi.

Who knows?

Well, this coming week I am on late shifts so I have no idea whether my sleep patterns will allow me to get much hobby stuff done...but I really hope to have the remaining two mechs done...

I guess only time can tell.

See you through the heat haze!

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