Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday posting?

I have decided to post an update today because I may be at work tomorrow for a while and I can't guarantee that I will be able to better early than not at all.

I have had a mixed week this week, what with one thing and another but I have had a couple of things ticking along...

First up, I have finished all four of my APCs for the Tunnel Fighters:

Click the Pic!

Only another seven to go...once I have bought them of course!

A couple of days ago, I got a message from Andrew Rae over at Statuesque Miniatures and he had noticed the Enforcer gang that I am putting together. He mentioned that he had a bunch of miscast miniatures that may be of use to me and was kind enough to send them over. If you check out this link, I am now the proud owner of ten of the little dogs...One of which may end up as a Cyber Mastiff and the others are likely to end up as part of an urban Grymn search patrol.

Thanks go out to Andrew for his generosity!

I have also joined a forum this week. It is very small at the moment (with a handful of posters) but if you are into Space Dwarfs and want to add to the resource there...make sure you take a look and join in...Here's a link:

Space Dwarfs Online

Well, I have to be up early tomorrow to see my charges into the air so I'll bid you tarra for now.

See you across the airfield!

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