Sunday, 8 May 2011

A mixed bag...

This week has seen the postman being very busy...with lots of deliveries to my house. I have found myself completely distracted from the task at hand and have been painting all sorts of stuff that I wouldn't normally paint. Ironically, the first picture I am showing off is from the cupboard and was probably stimulated by all the parcel here is a small squad of Syntha Marines from the Void range:

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While still on the void theme, I have been collecting a few Viper Wing bikes for quite a while and was asked to post a scale pic with a Grymn. As you will see, the bike is way too big for a Grymn:

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I have been trawling E-bay and buying a few from Scotia Grendel and now have 13 bikes (including 2 Sgts) and 3 bikes with side-car. That is enough for 4 squads of 4, one will be led by a Sgt the rest will have a bike with side-car instead. The Dettol has been working over time on some of the E-Bay offerings!

Next up, I have a couple of items I am working on and both can be bought from Scotia Grendel. First is a Hellcat Fury from the Kryomek range and that is closely followed by a Ronin from the Void range:

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I haven't decided what I am going to do with the Fury yet but the Ronin will be the transport for a squad of Judges...most probably who would have guessed that?

Finally, I have finished painting another Scotia vehicle. This one is a Nexus Sand Carrier from the Kryomek range:

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I bought the Sand Carrier to see what it looked like when put next to the Grymn and decided that it would make a perfect APC for my Tunnel Fighters. It is small, compact and has a textured armour which sort of looks like I painted it up for my blue squad and as a result, I now have a fully complete mech unit consisting of ten troops, an APC to carry them and a mech to support them:

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On top of that little lot, I have also base-coated one of the mechs and under-coated a second one. I could have probably got further on them if I hadn't been distracted.

I am quickly approaching the point where I have to varnish the Tunnel Fighters and get them stored away. I have a couple of Kaiser Rushforth cases and they will be perfect for the job...but I have a LOT of varnishing to do. Mind you, once all the troops are packed away, I'll have plenty of space in my cupboard again!

Necromunda is on my mind and with the arrival of the Ronin (riot control configuration), it seems that the decision of what gang to build has been taken for it will be a Judge unit (Enforcers). I have built Judge Grymn before so all I need to do is find the rules and put together a few conversions. I have some of the dogs from the Lord of the Rings range from Games Workshop (Farmer Maggot) so I think I may be adding a few bionics to make a Cyber Mastiff...

...and finally, I managed to ignore something in a shop once...but not twice. It was just too good an offer to miss. The local charity shop had a few brand new boxes of Tau in the window for about half price. I am now the proud owner of a Broadside Battle-suit and a Piranha scout skimmer. I have a bunch of Tau stuff floating around but I am likely to convert the Piranha into a scout for my Urban Grymn and use it for that instead. I think it is reasonable :).

Well...after that epic post, I'll be off!

See you over the tortured parchment!

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