Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's Just a ride around the park, gentlemen...

Wow...what a week! First up lets give a warm welcome to Joao Mota...WELCOME! If you've come for some eclectic model making, miniature painting/sculpting and general everyday've come to the right place!

On to the post and being in Kenya has it's perks. As part of the deal, we have to undertake compulsory adventurous training. This time around I went abseiling, canyoning, hiking and topped off the day with a bit of a safari...

...the first thing I saw was a zebra:

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...I actually saw a whole host of them but my 'not so brilliant' camera wasn't up to group shots (apparently) so this one was the only one worth seeing :).

Giraffes are a bit less widespread but I managed to get pretty close to these ones:

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The best part of the day was how close we got to wild elephants. These were about 100 metres from us and even stayed there long enough for us to get some nice pix...well...obviously mine aren't too nice but you can see the elephants so it is as good as you'd expect:

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...But let's not forget the trusty vehicle that we rode around on...Health and Safety Beware! We rode around on the roof, over bumpy terrain and that was almost as good fun as seeing all the animals!:

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I'm the one sat on the left of the picture on the roof...

On the way to the safari, we were driven by a local driver in a Range Rover. Obviously, things break when they are used heavily and the Range Rover was no exception. If you look in the following picture, you can see a modification to the clocks from a completely different vehicle have been grafted in:

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This got me thinking about how much people out here 'make do and mend' using whatever they have at their disposal...if they can find a use for something, they will! It also reminded me of us model making types. We have our bits boxes full of old kits...and when we are out and about we are always looking for that next component...the next bit of rubbish that could turn out to be a rocket nose-cone, a Mecha's chest-plate or even a piece of scenery...

...A case of life imitating art?...

See you across the dusty plains!

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