Friday, 11 March 2011

Be Careful at a Zebra Crossing!

I will start today's post with a warm welcome to SR; the newest follower to this humble blog. WELCOME!

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks in Kenya. We have had a LOT of reset work to do on the aircraft out here and have practically had every engine out and put back in...add to that, the flying faults and general maintenance and we have all been extremely busy. Mind you...when the weather is like this and we can work outside, it isn't all bad:

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Even when the day is nearly over and the sun is setting, it is difficult to get upset about working hard when you look out across the airfield:

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So...what has been happening out here? Well, I have been a complete mad-dog Englishman who has definitely gone out in the midday sun! I have taken to applying copious amounts of sunblock and running around the golf club grounds...with the air being so thin (we are at 6000+ feet above sea level), things get pretty tiring very quickly but I can safely say that I am blowing away all of the old cobwebs!

I have been looking out for unusual wildlife too and so far, we have had to slow the bus down for a Springbok, a camel, lots of local farm animals and a herd of zebras! I have sat and watched the local magpies mob a rather large bird of prey (akin to a British Buzzard in size and outline) and have really enjoyed watching the cheeky little 'Brilliant Starlings' wander into our mess and start feeding off the crumbs. The local cats are also quite happy to hang about around the may keep the pests down but it can also lead to quite a lot of mess...and so far, only one of the cats has demonstrated any form of friendliness; begrudgingly offering the top of its head for a stroke whilst glaring at me...

The shifts we are working mean that we are working hard beut still able to get washing and housework done. They also enable us to sample some of the local fact, only yesterday evening, I was singing Karaoke in one of the local bars...

I must admit to not having thought too much about any hobby stuff. The nearest thing to a hobby I have done is to make a PG-Tips monkey a jacket and belt...but that is for another day!

See you across the plains!

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