Sunday, 13 February 2011

An odd Sunday...

Before I start, I'd like to welcome my two newest followers; Ubique and Dan...WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the tour.

So, my son has had his girlfriend visiting today so that meant coffee in town with my daughter. We had a nice time and returned home with the prospect of building a trench system for a history project together. Fortunately, My daughter had already baked the cakes, collected the troops and assembled the ingredients for the mud and duck-boards.

The base was chocolate sponge with chocolate butter icing covering the entire thing (and gluing stuff together!). Once the shapes were cut and covered, duck-boards and wall supports made from wafers were placed where they were needed...closely followed by the defenders and attackers. The final touch was barbed wire made from twisted jewelry wire and a few cocktail stick spikes. The blood was red icing.

Here is the finished product with a few choice captions:

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As you can tell, I have been pretty busy with being a dad today (I reckon I'll be dying hair later as well!) so I have had little time for Beetle-Bots...

...but I have managed to get all of the three basic destroyers to the same level:

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I am now happy with the basic shape and layout of the vehicles themselves but still have to make another rider and then finish off the platform I said, they are very much 'basic shapes' at the moment, with lots of filling and fairing-making to come.

I call them 'Death Scooters' and I think that they suit the general theme of my army much better than having bikes with swept forward riders.

Well, it is almost time for me to eat so I am off to set the table.

See you over the roast-filled plates :).

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