Sunday, 30 January 2011

They're everywhere!

I have been a bit busier this week and have actually managed to achieve something of substance...

...but before all that, welcome to my two newest followers oddleg and Doom On You! It seems that a few Necron conversions may be just the thing to lure in a few new visitors so buckle up and enjoy the ride :) .

So...back on track...I have managed to put together all twelve of my Beetle-Bots and have got as far as base-coating them ready for the ink wash phase (well, Devlan Mud Wash...but you get the idea). Here they are!:

Click the Pic!

I went for grey for two reasons: 1) They will go with any army 2) My daughter said that they should be mid grey. That is good enough reason for me.

I now need to wash them, highlight them, paint a few details (eyes and possibly some rank/insignia) and base them and they will be done.

To go with these Beetle-Bots, I have got a pair of Necron Destroyers. Now originally, I was going to turn them into transport but they are just too small so I will be altering them to act as a little bit of heavy support but that doesn't negate the need for transport so I have been looking at something more appropriate for that...but I'm saying no more until I have something to show off.

On a different note...there are new Grymn in the Hasslefree shop and I have ordered a few of them...snipers and LMG specialists. They look great so go over there and have a look (they are in the Grymn Specialist section)!

I'm on day-shifts for a few weeks now so I should get some sort of sleep pattern going. That means I should be able to get a bit more hobby stuff completed...after that, I'll be taking a short hobby break as I will be off to Africa again so look out for a few pix of weird and wonderful stuff from the Dark Continent (as is used to be called).

You never know...I may even get a sun-tan this time around!

See you from the depths of a Necrontyr Tomb World.

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