Sunday, 23 January 2011

Landing with a bump!

I have had a somewhat woolly week. I haven't been sleeping well so I have had to take some medication to help me really is cracking stuff but it sort of knocks my equilibrium a bit...couple that with a monstrous hangover today and we have a huge amount of hobby stuff achieved this week...NOT!

I'd like to welcome the 90th follower to Inso's World but for the life of me I can't tell whether it is wargamer or Ivan DBA so I'll welcome both of you (just in case). Welcome to the blog and I hope you see something that you like.

I decided that I needed yet another distraction to occupy my flagging hobby I started chopping up Necron parts. While this was going on, I sort of dabbed a bit of paint on a few Grymn Tunnel's where I am with that:

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I had no idea that it would take so long to get 12 Necron conversions finished but last time I did some, I did them one at a time and didn't really pay too much attention to how long it took. To cut a long story short...I quickly knocked one of them together and apart from a bit of putty on the hip joints, this is the first of 12 new Beetle-Bots:

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I haven't made up my mind what to do with them yet but they will get a grey paint-job so that they can be considered useful to a number of different armies. I think that they will be considered fully 'human' in their thought patterns and would act as humans on the field of battle...but would just have robot bodies. I'm thinking that they could be shock troops that are dropped into battle in small pods to disrupt and cause panic amongst the enemy. They would work well with the Tunnel Fighter army because they use quite a lot of robots/drones and could even be mixed in with the squads or have a small army of their own. I have even considered building a few specials from a few spare Necron bits and pieces that I have from old projects.

The good thing is that now that I have finished converting all of the torsos, the rest isn't too much of a problem so the hard work has already been finished.

I'm on night-shift this week but have a few days that I have to go in of them to get my annual trip to the gas chamber over and done with...awesome...NOT! But looking on the bright side, I don't have to work tomorrow (apart from finishing a report and preparing kit) so it will be fairly chilled.


I'm not going to say that I have any hobby plans this week but I will say that I am a bit narked at the lack of stuff on here so far this year so hopefully I'll manage to get a few things done to make up for it.

I saw a few films this week...Inception (not one for me...a bit far-out), Whipped (Ellen Paige and Drew Barrymore skating about...what's not to like?) and The Expendables (exactly as you'd expect! Full-on ACTION!!!)...

...see you across the airfield :) !

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