Sunday, 24 October 2010

A time of reflection...

It is Sunday again. The nights are drawing in, the air is starting to acquire a chill feel and the impetus for life slows down as the Winter months loom ever nearer.

All around, the trees are starting to shed their leaves and the cobwebs become more visible as the branches are laid bare by the encroaching time of death and re-birth.

The Hedgehogs are all around us, in the quiet hours; rooting through the leaves and stocking up on tasty slugs so they have enough fat for the coming hibernation. The birds are filling their bellies with autumn berries and there is the beginning of the end for this season's growth...this season's life.

It is a time for reflection and a time for a bit of a sort out. The mind wanders to all those things that have been put off for too long...those little jobs that nag and bite at your conscience...the ones that you should have done a long time ago but got sidetracked and never got around to doing.

For me, the last few weeks have been torturous to say the least. I have had no enthusiasm for the hobby but have managed to keep ticking along with all those mundane little jobs that I have put off for so long. I have been so tired that I have been unable to achieve ANYTHING with my sculpting tools...apart from filling gaps in a plastic base or two...which has been very frustrating as the jobs on that front are mounting up. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and, as my previous posts this week have shown, I have been catching up on basing and varnishing and painting the odd thing that didn't need too much detailing. My Tyranids are now finished and awaiting varnish but there was one member of the group that had been missing from their numbers...until now. This is the Carnifex. Before anyone says 'he is detailed and needed a steady hand' I would like to say that the smallest brush I used on this one was a was the only brush I used:

Click the Pic!

He is painted the same as the rest and will be acting as the boss until the queen turns up...but that will be in the future when I can start sculpting again.

I am not looking forward to varnishing all of the Tyranids but until I do, I have no space in my cupboard for anything I guess, the sooner I do it, the better.

As a result of varnishing my Urban Grymn and getting a new case from Kaiser Rushforth, I have re-packed my Temperate camouflaged Grymn into a shiny new case and have left room in the old one for the Tyranids...once I have varnished them. Also, the new case is so perfect that I will be getting a few more to cater for my various armies...then I can get rid of the GW cases that I own and that have been 'chopped' a bit...everything will be tidy :).

With a view to having a bit more cash for cases, I have been selling a few bits from the cupboards...all unpainted stuff that I collected and never got around to assembling. That means I'll have more money for cases and more space in the cupboards for storing the stuff I want.

...Yes...Autumn is a time for reflection, change and the passing of an era...but from all change comes new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things. In order to build the latest temple/building/bridge, the old one has to be destroyed or build upon an old structure means that the new one will only be as strong as the weakest part...and that is likely to be the old, crumbling, out-moded components that should have been washed away.


The Carnifex is no longer on the table :).

See you through the falling leaves.

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