Friday, 1 October 2010

It's a Friday update for a change...

Another day and another update. Before I start with the post, I'd like to welcome the latest follower to Inso's World; in the usual fashion...WELCOME! I hope you enjoy your journey here.

Whilst on the subject of new additions, I have added a blog to my list of visited sites...'Hivestone Incursion'. It is the blog of Bagpuss and is filled with some great miniatures and painting...I heartily recommend that you all visit it.

So...why the Friday update? Well, I am about to start a seven day stretch of 12 hour night shifts and I really don't think that a Sunday update would be on the cards this week...but rather than not bother, I thought I'd bring it forward a couple of days.

On to the rest of the stuff and this week I have been really put through the mangle with a serious lack of sleep and a whole bunch of other I haven't been very busy on the hobby front. I have not picked up any sculpting tools for fear of injury and I have just kept to basic a result, I have only managed to finish off the latest Tunnel Fighter squad:

Click the Pic!

It is the fourth basic squad and is designated pink-squad. I have another squad of these that has yet to even be unpacked...but that is due to life being a bit heavy lately :(. I have just ordered a new batch of Pig Iron heads to go with this un-started squad and when they arrive, I should have enough heads to finish the army with...unless of course, this is one of my armies that never sees the end...

Seeing as I sorted out my Pay-pal faf, I have ordered a miniature storage case from Kaiser Rushforth and that means that I can start all of my varnishing afresh...when I have the time and enthusiasm...

That, as they say, is the end of the show (for today) so I'll bid thee farewell.

See you through the downpour!


Bagpuss said...

Thanks for the big up Inso! Squad looks great (as usual).

Inso said...

No worries...I am loving the old Kryomek stuff and when the end product is as good as you have managed, I will always big them up.

The next squad is sat in boxes at the moment :( ...I'm on 12-hour night-shifts at the moment and am too tired for anything but work, sleep and eating...come Saturday, I'll be back in to it though :)!