Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another Sunday update...

Well it's Sunday again and that means it's time for a bit of an update here in Inso's World.

It has been a week of night-shifts, assessment writing and family stuff this I haven't had a lot of time for the hobby :(.

I have completed the first base-coat on the Tunnel Fighter squad and am in the process of tidying them up ready for the ink wash.

I have base-coated the flesh on the Ork-ogre conversions...and that is as far as I've got with them.

I have been busy pinning and posing the Space Marine commission and have started the sculpting in earnest now...a lion here an Ultra Marine symbol there...the usual stuff :).

I have started a new squad of Tunnel Fighters too. It is a medic squad and consists of a stretcher party, a Dr. with an orderly and a pair of field medics. There are three bases and each one has two miniatures on. I will add a bit of equipment to each base and have posed the miniatures to look like they are doing the job. All I have done so far is stick the minis to the bases and pin new heads on them...but they look like they will work okay :).

My insomnia has been a real problem for me lately. That means that instead of doing all the things I'd like to be doing, I am reduced to the simple stuff that I know I will be able to achieve without messing up. Hence, base coating and assembly is about as much as I could cope with. That makes me quite irritable so I often begin to think about stuff that I could be doing...and invariably that leads me to vehicles.

I have seen a few new bits of 15mm stuff that has fired my imagination and there is very little (if anything) available in 28mm scale that covers the same design theme...that means I have to build it myself. What will probably happen is I think about it, partly assemble something and then leave it to go dusty in a cupboard...but you never know, I may end up surprising you...and myself by finishing something. I am being deliberately vague until I have some WIP pics to show off BUT, I will say that it could be something with an AVATAR twist...who knows ;)?

I have just realised that I haven't got any pix to show off this time here's a smiley picture of Lorraine Kelly to make up for it:

Click the Pic!

See you through the shower curtains!


Bagpuss said...

Really looking forward to what you do with those stretcher bearers.

Inso said...

I only have one stretcher party, a pair of orderlies and a doctor with orderly...each pair is assembled but needs all of the putty work/converting doing (they will be getting a lot of work)...I just hope I can maintain enthusiasm for the little project...I'm sure I can :).