Sunday, 12 September 2010

A new day...and a new dawn...

Well, it has certainly been a strange week. I met up with a school friend that I haven't seen for over 22 years (had an excellent lunch :) ), I went to a birthday party where I didn't know many of the people there, I have played the ukulele a bit, had a few stark reminders of my wide and various obligations and I have found out that I am back at work from 07:30hrs tomorrow morning.

So...I haven't got as far with my latest Tunnel Fighter squad as I would have liked:

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...however, I have certainly not been idle and have managed to more or less finish all of the drones for the drone squad:

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I need to add the bases to the ground drones, paint up the Grymn controller and then paint all of the bases. As I have mentioned, the Grymn controls the three ground drones and they in-turn, have control over three aerial drones each.

Now you may think that a squad of almost complete drones would be a weeks work for me...especially seeing as I have had so many distractions this week...but NO! There is more...

I was over at the Lead Adventure Forum and saw a thread that was talking about 15mm Ogryn. A guy named 'Hybrid' did a cracking conversion using some Games Workshop Orks and I was so impressed that I went and bought some Orks to give it a go is the result:

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I have no plans for any 15mm armies so these will probably end up as flesh-coloured Orks...or even...SPACE PIRATES!!!

Still keeping up? I would say 'finally' but this is only the last picture, not the last bit of is the other deep-one...Bruce:

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I'm not as happy with the paint job on Bruce as I am on the previous one...but I'm sure they will look fine together on the tabletop...especially when I paint up the eight smaller ones I have :). life we all make choices and we all have obligations. I have a habit of getting a bit carried away sometimes and offering to do all sorts of wide and varied stuff...I have designed tattoos, sculpted leaving presents, have been asked to do various commissions and even fix things (cars, houses, motorbikes etc...)...occasionally, I get so carried away that I say I'll do stuff that I really don't have the enthusiasm for...and it is that stuff that has caught up with me...

I have a commission to convert some Space Marine parts and I also have one to sculpt a Tiger onto a pipe (one that has been used to smoke tobacco in). Today I have decided that they are now on my work-bench and will be finished as soon as I can. That is a pledge and I will endeavour to make it happen...I will be able to post pipe pix but not Space Marine pix (shhh...they are secret ;) ).

Well...that is about it for today...I hope it is enough because there isn't any more!!!

See you through the sliding doors!

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