Sunday, 19 September 2010

It's a long, long road...


Welcome to Inso's World on this overcast and typically British, Autumnal Sunday. Before I start with the post proper, I'd like to welcome our latest follower, Dr. Willett's Workshop ...Welcome! As you will probably notice, I have made the name a link so pop on over to have a look at the fledgeling blog. As for Dr. Willett; I hope you enjoy your stay and maybe find something here that gets your imaginative juices flowing.

So...what has been going on this week? Well, I have now returned to work and the first couple of days back were taken up with some military training...and for the first time in my military career, I had to re-take a shooting test! It is both bad (I guess I was in the wrong frame of mind) and good (I got to fire off a few extra rounds :) ). It is annoying because I have always passed before...and that is over 22 years service...that is a LOT of shooting tests :(.

I have been having a really bad patch of insomnia over this last week. I am completely shattered and still have lots of 'stuff' that I have to do...sometimes I wish I was a least I could be switched off for a re-charge then...

What have I been up to in the hobby world this week? Not very much I am afraid :( ...But I did manage to finish off the drone unit for my Tunnel Fighter army:

Click the Pic!

Here is a collage of the operator for the would appear that her issued lap-top suffered a critical meltdown so she had to use her own:

Click the Pic!

All I can add is MEOW!!!

The trouble with finishing things is that you need to be able to store them somewhere. I have a cupboard for that purpose but suddenly realised that I didn't have enough space in there for this squad! As a result, valuable painting time has been taken up with a LOT of varnishing and a LOT of emergency basing to clear the decks into foam-lined, carry-cases. That meant sorting out the cases as well...and ordering some new cases...which failed because I managed to mess up with my credit card on Pay-Pal and they have frozen my account (it is a good security precaution, I made a mistake and they treated me as a fraudulent attempt so froze my account) I can't buy what I want...Oh the vagaries of using a credit card at 4 in the morning, when you can't sleep...and after drinking half a bottle of vintage port...

NOTE TO SELF: Don't do it again!

I have been doing a small amount of sculpting but I have to be very careful at the moment...I am very irritable and the slightest mistake fills me with so much frustration that I am likely to launch what I am working on...Grrrrrr... ;).

Today, I will be dry-brushing a few bases, painting the rims and then varnishing the minis. There are 16 of them and they have all been shown off before...apart from a couple from Spartan Games...but pix will wait for another update. I also have some 'homework' to do...some long overdue assessments for work...oh the joys of military life :(...

See you through completely bleary eyes...

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