Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Sunday update...on Wednesday?

Arrgghhh! Where did Sunday go?

I'd like to apologise for the lack of an update on Sunday but I have been off to a remote part of Kenya to work on one of my helicopters. It was in a pretty mountainous region and phone signals were non existant...and I only got back last night so a Wednesday morning update was in order.

Over the lasy week, I have been living in a tent, using solar showers, eating from a field kitchen and working in very hot and dusty conditions (with limited changes of clothing..."you'll only be there for a day or so", they said...) has been a blast :). Just to confirm that last comment, here was the view from my office one evening:

Click the pic!

Kenya can be beautiful and trying all at the same time. My office was a helicopter parked on the dirt, with a landrover and two lorries for doesn't get a lot more 'real' than that...well...unless it was a conflict area...

I was lucky to get a helicopter flight to the destination and a return trip via truck over some 'interesting' terrain. On the way up I saw some elephants but was too high up to get a good here is a bad one instead:

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I felt there was a need to ring the elephants so that you could see them...a mother and calf on the left and other elephants elsewhere.

The five hour truck ride back was an enormous amount of fun too...people pay good money for opportunities like that and I was getting paid for it...PRICELESS!!!

So...there you have it. I have returned, scrubbed up and have got back a semblance of normality before the next unplanned trip to...who knows where?

See you through the dusty downwash!

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